Welcome Good Prospects Speech Pathology and Psychology, a Virtual eXpo Gold Sponsor!

Good Prospects

We are proud to welcome Good Prospects Speech Pathology and Psychology as a Kids & Youth Disability Virtual eXpo Gold Sponsor for 2020.

Get to know Good Prospects Speech Pathology and Psychology with Diana Bleby, Director and Principal Speech Pathologist CPSP, MAICD.

Good Prospects Speech Pathology and Psychology is a 5 location practice in Prospect, Salisbury, Port Adelaide, Gawler and Berri. Rather than be a one-size fits all practice, we like to think of each area as its own unique “village” and that we cater locally to our clients’ needs in each particular ‘village’. We currently have 15 speech pathologists, 4 speech pathology assistants and four part time Psychologists as well as our wonderful admin support.

Good Prospects

For both speech pathology and psychology, we have Senior and Junior staff who all work together to provide the best evidence based service possible. In addition to face to face services at our office locations and in some school sites, we offer a range of telehealth services, quite successfully and our skill levels in this area have certainly increased since COVID-19 restrictions in SA.

We pride ourselves on being a multi-cultural employer and currently have staff who speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Malayalam, Hindi, Punjabi, Greek, German and AUSLAN. We also have a speech pathologist who identifies as Aboriginal (Ngarrindjeri). From the moment you contact the practice, you will be treated professionally and with respect and we have automated many of our necessary forms to make going through the registration process as easy as possible for you. For therapy in particular we are highly resourced with both technology and plain old fashioned toys, books and games.

We are fully registered with the National Disability Insurance Scheme having passed or 2019 Audit with flying colours.  This means that we can see agency, plan or self-managed clients although at this stage we are not registered for positive behaviour support (a service provided generally by psychologists).

Although we are not a “one stop shop”, in each of our villages we link with other services relevant to our clients e.g. OTs and Developmental educators, not to mention teachers and carers in schools and pre-schools.

We welcome referrals directly from families but to use a Team Care Arrangement (Speech Pathology) or a Mental Health Care plan (Psychology), you will need to do this via your GP.

Please give us a call on 08 8182 3335 or email us at There is a downloadable form as well on our website.

Diana Bleby

Director and Principal Speech Pathologist CPSP, MAICD

Contact Information
Good Prospects Speech Pathology and Psychology
Phone number: 08 8182 3335
Address: 58 Prospect Rd, Prospect, SA 5082