Sounds & Vibes is South Australia’s first and only accessible music festival, and is another fantastic event created and managed by Ben Waechter and the team at KYD-X. The inaugural Sounds & Vibes event was held at Adelaide Showgrounds last year and gave some young people their very first experience at a live music concert.

As a not-for-profit KYD-X is focussed on raising money that will be used to improve experiences for young people with a disability; and in 2019 the focus is on upgrading the facilities of accessible toilets throughout SA with equipment that will allow people living with a disability to use these facilities with dignity. Currently the standard design of accessible toilets (which has not changed since the 1980’s) means that children, teenagers and people living with a disability in general, are forced to be changed on the cold, tiled floor of a public toilet.

We also have long term goals for this great big world we all live in, but for now it’s baby steps as we tackle the accessible toilets project this year, and we certainly appreciate your support!